Contempo Lab

Technology based business advisory services

Business success requires a strategy to reach the goal. Contempo can assist with company exits, acquisition, customers, market segments, products, manufacture and business plans. At Contempo Lab we believe all products start with good science and a clear understanding of the problem it solves.  Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Automation, Analytics and IoT are our speciaity applied to military, automation, mHealth and Sports performance.

Contempo Lab specailises in technology based business strategy to maximise profit or a company exit. Subject matter expertise in artificial intelligence, venture capital and technology strategic planning. 

Sensors that are accurate, bring insight and people want to wear. Sensors and data can solve many problems, however good science, validation and systems based solution design is required for success. We work to help you as advisors through out the process of getting to market. Over 20 years of sensor and business experience in  military, mhealth and sports markets. Every market is different. However the same systematic design approach can be applied to the business process of conceptualisation, design, business planning, investment partnering, channel access and capital funding.


  Any activity that is dull, dirty or dangerous is a good target for AI. Machine Learning (ML) and AI can bring increased profitability and revenue. Let us assist you in applying AI to your business in a staged manner; reduce existing process friction, increase revenue without increasing costs or working capital and finally access new business opportunity not possible with existing methods.